Reigns Lomre Marine ensures valuable and proficient multi-channel service delivery, packaged to delight our clients.

RLM constructs and maintains shore protection structures including jetties, groins, seawalls, breakwaters, and bulkheads in order to protect the coastline and the navigable water channels that can reach down to 100 meters. Early shore protection measures included jetties and groins constructed perpendicular to the shoreline for the purpose of lessening the impacts of erosion by reducing the rate of sediment transport along vulnerable coastlines.
RLM has invested heavily in procurement of world class next generation marine equipment for secured shoreline protection.
Our clients recognize our first class professional mode of operation & safety measures applied in ensuring
that we don’t end up causing erosion instead of protecting the shorelines.

As an industry leader in our chosen fields, we have gone beyond the limitations of the private sector to the public sector.

We ensure that the appropriate CSD & Booster is used to optimize resources as well as meet up with client project deadline.

This in turn is achieved by availability of spares and parts ranging from suction/discharge pipes to all hydraulic & mechanical arts.

With our track record, we have shown that we can deliver any sand filling job, within record time.

The construction industry relies heavily on hydraulic marine sands for part of its aggregate mix in the production of concrete. Sand grain of different sizes and composition are required by builders and contractors to execute their projects.

We have the capability of dredging various sand stock pile types to meet the needs of the construction industry. Strategic stockpiles have been pumped for various ventures.

This service is central to our activities. The Sand stock piling activities is backed up by adequate feasibility studies and economic viability tests.

As part of our dredging services, RLM has also specialized in canalization with new fields of tasks which include deepening, widening and maintenance of harbours and waterways, dredging access channels, sand wave removal and reduction of canalization blockage.

Canalization requires absolute precision and for this reason, our operations are carried out with high precision and the very highest standards of safety, quality and environmental care, in line with the demands of the oil and gas operators.

With our fleet of equipment, we offer credible, tested and professional services

RLM with its partner Atco Group has acquired extensive, worldwide experience in geotechnical and geophysical site investigations, surveys, studies, design, specification and supervision for:

 Coastal and port developments including land reclamation and beaches
 Maintenance of port approach and navigation channels, turning basins and berths
 Civil works such as immersed tube tunnels, pipelines and outfalls
 Minerals extraction
 Beach nourishment for the purposes of coastal defence.

The global nature of RLM’s activities has provided comprehensive experience of the wide variety of dredging methods and types and sizes of dredging equipment. Frequently, the reclamation (or beach nourishment) works are accompanied by structures such as revetments, to stabilize them once in place. Again, RLM’s expertise in these areas is unparalleled.


Our clients are our most treasured assets and we ensure we satisfy them through proficient excellent service delivery. We welcome our clients’ ideas and contributions as these help us to deliver services that would satisfy them and create sustainable values.
Our esteemed clients include:



At Reigns Lomre Marine we are committed to ensuring a clean and healthy environment that is why during the course of project execution we make sure we keep any negative effect to the barest  minimum through instructions and high-quality work practices.

All workers and visitors alike on site are mandated to wear personal protective equipment.

The Company also operates a ‘NO SMOKING’ policy, because of its potential risks.

The company also lay great emphasis on the promotion of total health concept and the protection of staff as any work affects every system of the body.